Homeopathic Toothpaste NATURELLE with Love (69 ml.)




I Can Too mission is to care for others, support children with special needs and raise awareness of the impact of climate change on our health.
For the last year, we all have realized the importance of health care.
The Covid-19 pandemic is teaching us to pay more attention to ourselves and clearly be more vigilant. We are learning from a different perspective to value both our life and the planet. We became more empathetic and considerate. We have learned that life is a gift and must be valued and preserved.
Therefore we want to make our contribution to the process and after our first product Naturelle with Love Hygienic Hand Gel we are presenting our second product: a Homeopathic Toothpaste NATURELLE with Love
It is designed for people who are leaning towards a healthy lifestyle and prefer pure cosmetics based on natural products.

Parabent free / Fluoride free
Sugar free / Mint free

Our Homeopathic Toothpaste prevents the accumulation of plaque and keeps your gums healthy. It is rich in natural ingredients mixed with organic Rosewater which has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.
A portion of the proceeds will go to our charity helping children in need and their families.
Let’s take good care of our health. You can! I can! Together we can do more!

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12ml, 69ml


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