Become a Volunteer

We need your support in our office:

  • – Give ideas and input
  • – Research for charity events that we can get involved
  • – Help us organise charity events
  • – Organising volunteers and managing our volunteer Facebook group
  • – Dealing with various daily tasks

Be a volunteer at our charity events:

  • – Help sell our merchandise in charity bazaars
  • – Manage activities during the charity events by getting involved in the organisation and following the whole process of the events
  • – Organise volunteers for the charity events

Manage our social media

– Manage our Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn channels by making daily publications, giving ideas for posts, stories, visuals, etc.

Start your own (fundraising) initiative / organise your own fundraiser:

  • – Organise your own event/initiative/fundraiser dedicated to I CAN TOO
  • – Use your talents to help our mission whether it is art, baking, improv, etc.

Join to support I CAN TOO as a volunteer!